on running. {and rainbows}

True confession time : I am not a runner.

{Last year a trainer friend made me rolf on treadmill and proceeded to never question my inability to run again.} 

I'm not sure why but yoga has just been my preferred "sport" of choice for the last decade and the only workout I've done with any real consistency. It's where I'm my best, most composed self; the one I wish I was more often off my mat. The one who I am so far from when I'm attempting to run. 

So here I am, not a runner. A non-runner who has {for heaven only knows what reason} potentially agreed to run a ten mile race on Thanksgiving day while visiting my little brother in Hawaii. Wait, what?! And why Thanksgiving? The day consecrated for gluttony and laze and stretchy pantssss. {especially on Oahu because it's a military tradition to eat pie for breakfast}

I hesitated to even mention this until I've successfully run to the end of our street and back without stopping {something I'm working toward} because, honestly, the days are getting shorter and colder and I'm shooting five weddings over the next two months and pushing myself to stick with something physical over sitting at home with a glass of wine is just so not typically me. But for now, I'm in training mode. {Or more like pre-training mode.} And run I shall. 

Yesterday was my day to cross train, so I set Brent to the task of grilling up dinner and hopped my super sore legs on my bike for a quick twenty minute ride out and back. 

While I rode, I thought about mind over matter. Something that's been occupying my brain a lot since I got back from Tahoe and that has top billing whenever I'm on a run. While I was at Wanderlust I took a Kundalini yoga class with some of the girls. I really know nothing about this style of yoga except that it focuses on repetitive motions to occupy your body while your mind has the chance to roam around a bit if you let it. Mind over matter. I think we sat on the floor and circled our upper body with our hands over our heads for twenty-five minutes straight. It was pure torture. But once I let go of the physical feelings of "holy hell, what did I get myself into", I was able to let my body settle in to the motion and allow my mind to be in control of whether I felt the pain and discomfort or rose above it. 

I can't say that I've quite been able to adapt this practice to my workouts yet. Or really in any aspect of my life because, given the choice, I will always choose cake over no cake. But I'm hoping to reach the day where it really is just one foot in front of other {in front of the other...} and ideally before Thanksgiving. 

In the meantime I hope to continue to be so handsomely rewarded for my workout efforts as I was last night when I rounded a bend to the site of a double rainbow. Hawaii indeed. 


  1. we should go running together! it would be a change to burn some calories with you instead of consuming them!

    1. Ha Sarah....I'm significantly better at eating with people than running with them. But maybe in a few weeks when I've built up some more endurance :)