roasted blueberries // dark sugar semifreddo.

It should come as a surprise to no one that I am a total glutton for the sun. I spend half of winter trying to learn to appreciate the cold and the other half dreaming of long, hot, sunny summer days that languish into equally warm summer nights. But lately, there has been a windfall of those hot and sunny days and to be honest this summer has kind of wore me out. Every weeknight and weekend I feel obligated to spend as much time as possible soaking it all in, storing it up for the inevitable months of grey and stark white sky. And here, in the waning days of July, I find myself : exhausted. 

These recent, few overcast and rainy days have been a welcome respite in this desert of a summer we've had in the Midwest and I am learning to soak in a little downtime as well - to sit on the couch, declutter my DVR or take a nap {you know, when I should be cleaning my house or doing laundry}. And what better way to enjoy a summer rain shower or thunderstorm than with blueberries. Tart and sweet and roasted simply with brown and white sugar, flour and butter in my toaster oven {due to lack of central air} and paired beautifully with dark sugar semifreddo, which I personally think has a more inviting texture than ice cream. Cool but not cold. Easy on the palette. Perfectly savorable {hard not to eat much more than intended}. Best enjoyed on the porch with your favorite person. 

I'm heading out to No-Cal in the morning for some yoga, music, wine and relaxation. I'm sharing a house with 15 other ladies, a few of whom I hold very dear and that I cannot wait to see. I'll be taking my camera and hopefully spending some time away from my phone. I'll be back next week, a little more centered and with photos to share.

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