any other thursday.

Brent's been out of town for work this week and I've been reminded once again how messy I would be if I lived alone. 

{It has been nice sleeping diagonal across the bed though.} 

I spent the week catching up with friends and trying a few new local places, like dinner with Sarah at Steenbock's On Orchard and happy hour with Alana at One Barrel Brewing Company, where I snapped a couple pictures {and made Alana pose awkwardly in a doorway for me}. 

But Brent's back in an hour or so and we'll resume life as per usual...at least for a couple of weeks until I head West. Again.

{California is growing on me but there are so many places between here and there that I'd also love to see. Ah well. Someday.}

In other news : I've gotten back on the wagon and started going to yoga and hitting the gym once again. A little July resolution if you will. I already feel better / more healthy / less stressed {way sore}. Which I know I need to keep up for sanity's sake.

I've also {somehow} found time to watch the entire first season of the HBO show Girls. I rarely ever watch tv anymore but this show is so quirky and funny and weird {plus, bonus points if I can watch the whole season at once} .Iloveit.

And and and...one more {tiny} little sidenote : I've been nervous about starting a separate photo blog for awhile now. Trying to maintain two online spaces has felt a little daunting when I've had trouble keeping up on just the one. But right now, writing this, I know it was the right decision because I finally feel like I can get back to what this blog was originally intended for : my everyday minutiae / obsessing over food / complaining about the weather. :)

For the foreseeable future, I'll always post a link on this blog to any work I put over there in case you want to keep up on that too. 

**have a great friday/weekend. xo, m.

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