a love letter to my husband on our one year anniversary.

dear b,
woah, one year. crazytown. both long and short in a million different ways. and oh, all of the little adventures we've had in just this one year; drinking our way through two different wine countries, and cleveland/columbus, indianapolis, nashville and l.a. not to mention getting chased by russell! but let's not also forget our favorite little black wrigley dog who takes up the whole bed at night until i complain enough and you kick him out, or more likely move him to your side so he doesn't feel sad. and also you helping me learn all of the state capitols when the cable's out. and how you drag me to a sporting event in every city we go to where you'll inevitably befriend the person on the other side of you. which is cool. i like that about you. because you are a friend for life to all the friends you have and it makes me want to be a better friend too. and i love all of our little places. our breakfasts on the lake. our fish frys with friends where you always remember to order my old fashioned with korbel. and i know you'll always make sure there's oj in the house. and that the lawn is mowed even though "we" *just* mowed it a week ago. and you always take the pickle off my plate before it rubs off on any of my food without me even making that crazy "get this pickle off my plate" face. or how you always tell me that i "killed" that song at karaoke even though i probably more like murdered it. and you probably eat more ice cream and have your picture taken more than you ever imagined [or cared for] but you don't complain really about either. and i get teared up just thinking about this day last year. how marrying you still seems so surreal and beyond my wildest imagination. i love that i get to hang out with you every day because, to be honest, i think you're pretty cool. and if i could stop time right now, i totally would because i can't imagine life getting any better than it already is but i have a feeling there are a lot of really great days in front of us too. so i won't stop time, mostly because i can't, but also because i can't wait to see what's in store in the years to come. i love you and i also like you. alot. can't wait to celebrate tonight, the past year and all of the future ones too.

mil besos,

one of my favorite pictures of us by anda

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  1. Congrats on your first year! It is a night I'll never forget bc it was our last as a family of two. Cheers to you and Brent. Let's have a drink sometime. :)