memorial day.

A few weeks ago Brent and I did a little weekend trip to Nashville. One of the days we rented a car and drove out to Franklin to see the historic downtown and to grab lunch. Unbeknownst to us, that day there was a military funeral procession for a "local kid" the volunteer cop told us. He was 22 and had died from injuries sustained during an attack in Afghanistan. As we drove the length of the procession heading out of town, thousands of people holding flags and waiting in the heat on a Saturday afternoon, I was incredibly moved. I'm not sure why we didn't stop. I guess at the time it felt like it wasn't our place, which I now realize is ridiculous. Spc. Edens didn't just fight and die for Brentwood County but for us too and we should have been standing there holding a flag right alongside those Tennesseans.

I wanted to write this post so I remember not to forget what this day off is for. So I remember not to forget the sacrifices that have been made, not just by the soldiers but also by their families so that we can enjoy the freedoms that have. So I remember not to forget that freedom, while often taken for granted, truly isn't free.

Happy Memorial Day.


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