what i've been up to.

I'm here, I'm here. I swear. {I swear}

I've been keeping quite busy lately. (last Wednesday I spent fourteen hours in front of a computer...yiiiikes!)

Here's what I've been up to:

At the end of February I was feeling a little bummed that I had yet to cross any of my goals off of my 2012 to do list. And then March hit and along with it a windfall of getting things DONE.

I attended not one but two photography "workshops" including an all day mentor session with my favorite photographer, which has really pushed me farther along in accomplishing my website/brand/portfolio goals (more on that soon)

the couple we photo'd

Unseasonable 80* temps meant a new {old} car found its cute, top-down self gracing our driveway:

my 81 vw rabbit

And last week our neighbor George {who owns a farm} dropped this herb garden off at our door. Boom(!) and check:

new goal = do not kill free and awesome herb garden. 

I've even managed to power down a few nights to spend some quality time with Brent. Which has been good for marriage and sanity's sake. 

I need/want/desire to get back in the kitchen. One of these days, one of these days....

tonight's two minute dinner

Oh, and yeah. I leave for PARIS in ten days. Eep! Better get on that French learning...

Anyone else taking a few months to get around to resoluting? 

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  1. omg -- when i was sick i didn't check a single blog. and so, in 14 days, i missed out on so much here! just wanted to say thankyou, you'reamazing, and favorite photographer WHAT! you flatter me. xo.