paris. mon chérie.

I'm just going to go ahead and admit it : I've become somewhat of a Francophile. 

I'm not exactly sure how or where or why but flying low over the French countryside, just before we landed in Paris, a tiny little piece of me instantly felt 'home', despite any familial ties to this place. Perhaps because (other than Spain, where I did a study abroad stint) this is the first international destination that I have ever been to twice. Believe me, I love adventure and having an unknown place completely change my pre-conceived perception, but there was something really refreshing about returning to a city/neighborhood/street/subway station that held familiarity. That I didn't have to navigate tentatively or worry whether I was safe. In many ways, I was able to appreciate this trip, this city on a different level. Having already seen many of the sites, I turned my focus to the people; the tourists often indistinguishable from the locals. I tried to capture tiny slices of everyday life as it happened.



  1. There are so many that I love of these!
    1. the purple pants running
    2. the blurry Eiffel tower
    3. the men playing chess
    4. the dogs!!!!

    I really feel like I get a total breath of this atmosphere... so great. and i love that you went to spain too! i studied abroad there a few years ago and gosh, that place.

  2. love it. who knew it would be so difficult to get those birds to scatter? let's do it again. soon.

  3. You have officially have my travel bug buzzing. Amazing photos. Every single one of them. On another note, I just found your photo site. DUH. On ANOTHER note, I still owe you an email.