South Africa.

As I was going through these pictures, deciding which to post, it started to feel like this whole trip was some kind of crazy dream (and I have craaaazy dreams). Did I really see all of this stuff? Was I really there, so many hours away, whiling around next to lions and zebras and giraffes??!! 

Last week I told someone that 'the elephants in Thailand were nice, but South African elephants were kind of scary'. Like what? Who even says that? 

Sometimes I can't believe that this is actually my life. Sometimes I'm reminded how insanely blessed I am to have the means and the desire and the perfect travel partner, who is the planned to my spontaneity. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by beauty. 

I was overwhelmed a lot on this trip. 

These are all the pictures I'll be posting here (except, I'm sure for a few here and there, when I especially miss it and maybe some underwater ones, which was a whole new experience for me). Thank you for going on this journey with me. I sincerely with all my heart, hope that you have the chance to experience it with your own eyes someday. xo.

 {gorgeous landscape}

{Cango ostrich farm, Outdshoorn}

{Brent got kissed}

{surfer central in Victoria Bay}

{suspension bridge, Storms River}

{Addo Elephant Park}


{one tusk cutie}


{pontoon ride to our game reserve}


{our tent}

{if at first you don't succeed...}

{...dust yourself off and try again}



{lots of raffes}



{day three}

{cheetah print!}

{driving to Sodwana Bay}

{Hluhluwe-iMfolozi National Park}




{oh, you know, totally normal}

{Durban Botanical Gardens}

{street life}

{the end}


  1. These pics have me wanting to go back tomorrow! You kind of take it all for granted when you're actually there, but seeing the pics again makes you realize just how amazing the whole country of South Africa really is!

  2. woah. awesome pics. the animals in the road are totally surreal.

  3. these photos, like you, are stunning