Quick Update.

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a compulsive list maker.

I make daily lists for work and for home (and for work at home). On rare occasion, I will even make lists of what lists to make. And sometimes my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is to plan my whole day out on a post-it, down to the very last minute, and then proceed to do absolutely.none.of.it. The ability to deviate from the list is what keeps me from being Type A.

Tonight my mental list looked like this : 
*walk the dog 
*go to yoga
*make curried chicken salad and homemade pitas
*update my blog design
*paint my nails

I honestly didn't think I'd make it past 'walk the dog' because it's Tuesday and the sun was shining and I needed to go to the grocery store and give the dog a bath. And usually by then it's somehow 10:00p and I'm ready to watch tv in bed. But somewhat surprisingly, I managed to do every single one of those things except paint my nails (because, really, I couldn't have done all of the other things and wait for my nails to dry).

Which brings me to my little blog redesign.

I've been wanting to update it with fonts and colors that are a little more 'me' for some time and finally busted out some of my (very) limited html knowledge to make a few changes. Right now I'm having a total color crush on chartreuse, which is showing up more and more in my closet, and I really love clean, boring simple design, which got me to this starting off point. I'm sure I'll be tweaking and making updates a bit over the next few weeks to make it a little less basic but I hope you enjoy the more modern feel in the meantime! xo.

{clutch from target}

{dress from old navy}

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