neil + lisa.


{sorry for yelling} 

I am so excited about these images because I just love Neil and Lisa for being so uniquely awesome and crazy. 

Seriously, Lisa makes everyone in the bar stand up when she karaoke's Proud To Be An American (which happens fairly often); they just adopted a thirteen year old dog, Moses and Neil is famous for his Irish jig at weddings (theirs and ours). Crazy. Kids.

But they are also SO IN LOVE and complement each other perfectly, which I really loved capturing. I also learned that they never had engagement photos and actually fired their wedding photographer during the reception, so I'm hoping these pictures will be a marking place of their marriage 2.5 years in. 

Neil & Lisa - thank you for letting me follow you around your neighborhood (and showing me a new coffee place in Madison!) xo, m.


  1. Fired their photographer? I have to hear that story sometime.
    You totally captured the love Neil and Lisa have for each other. You have serious natural talent!

  2. They look like super fun people. Love the photos, Megan! Especially all the ones of them casually walking :)

  3. Just found your site, love it!
    This is such a sweet post, they seem like such a fun couple.