I love this girl. Alana was a roommate of mine and is one of those people I never have to pretend to be anything but my true self around. 

I spent a lot of time while on my trip considering the people I associate myself with; really the distinction between those who are friendly acquaintances and those who serve you through their support, encouragement and understanding. The kind of people that I'm really making a concerted effort to surround myself with this year, and also encourage them in their own pursuits. 

Alana is also passionate about photography, and when she told me that she wanted to come over and see all thousand + of my pictures from South Africa, I told her that as payment for the 'privilege', I was going to make her pose for me. I think that's fair.

We spent a few freezing and windy minutes out on the lake with a couple of scarfs (after totally unexpectedly falling to my waist in snow). And I can honestly say that I learned so much in those few minutes. So, to my friends who are cute (yes, that's all of you) I would love to plan some time to get you in front of my camera.

Then Alana turned the camera on me (and yes, my hair is a hot mess).

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  1. I la la love how that scarf pops agains the snow! I think I miss snow...sometimes;)