I'm taking a little break from bombarding you with more pictures of South Africa to write a personal post (animals to come soon, I promise!)

I'm sitting at my dining room table in my work clothes and slippers, snacking on chips and salsa (my dinner) and staring at a few sheets of paper that have me so excited for what the month of March has in store. It's making me wish we didn't have this extra day of crappy February to finish (why don't we get an extra day in the summer??)

This month I am finally, really and truly taking the training wheels off of a few endeavors that have been tugging heavily on my heart and overwhelming my brain to increasing degrees in the last few months and actually doing something about them.

Some of these endeavors are (so insanely) long overdue that the statue of limitations is certain to run out if I wait any longer. And of course there other, more recent pursuits that I'm simply tired of thinking and wondering and worrying about. I am ready to just do.

One of my favorite things about vacation is that it always opens me up a bit to think about who I am aside from daily obligations. To scheme and plot and plan, who and what and where I want to be when I get home. Sadly, many of those plans get thrown quickly to the wayside i.e. eating healthy/working out. (oh, and my suitcase is still sitting inches from our front door, so that whole being better about cleaning/laundry is still a work in progress). There are probably some things I should just accept as being inherent to who I am, like the laundry thing, or ever spending less than $100 at Target. But there are definitely some good things that come out of having weeks with so much time to let my mind wander where it will without the interruption of a phone call, an email or a Facebook check. I always come home having learned or realized or discovered something new about the world and about myself.

I am going to be pushing myself extra hard to translate some of the things I've gleaned from this trip to move in some direction in the next few months; whether forward or tangential remains to be seen....

[Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; 
and true progress is to know more, and be more, and do more.] -Oscar Wilde

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