Things I Bought Over Lunch : Part II

(allow me to brag for a minute)

In forty-eight hours from right about right now, I'll be boarding a plane in Chicago bound for Cape Town (via London and Johannesburg). I don't think it's really hit me yet that I'll be checking a whole new continent off of my travel list but I am so over the top excited to discover a new place and have some adventures. Maybe because temps have been mild lately, I haven't really felt my usual NEEED for a vacation that I get this time of year. But last week I started melting down a little and now I know that I NEEEED this vacation. (Perfect timing.)

I'm most looking forward taking a little pause from everyday obligations and repetitiveness to find new things to fall in love with in this world. But I'm also looking forward to driving stick shift and road tripping on the wrong side of the road * humidity (my skin is going crazy here right now) * wine country * seeing penguins and elephants * scuba diving near Mozambique * loads of uninterrupted reading * sunlight past 6 pm * sleeping in a luxury tent * and of course, spending tons and tons and TONS of time with Brent (he is so lovingly rolling his eyes at this right now).

In this old post I mentioned Smash books and couldn't believe that I almost forgot to get one for our trip until I placed an Amazon order last week. I'm in love with all the awesome, weird and totally random pages in the book that I can't wait to fill with memories, inside jokes, ticket stubs and anything else I collect while we're there.

I had really, really wanted to buy one of those new Polaroid cameras to instantly put pictures in here but decided to just Instagram our trip instead and print the pics out when we get back, on Prinstagram. If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to see 297,657,234 pictures of me and Brent (probably clogging up your feed whenever we have wifi) you can find us at ruhlsouthafrica

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  1. I just followed you on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing the pics!