Things I Bought Over Lunch (Part I?)

(Maybe I'll make this into a series...we'll see)

Usually I buy boring things like lenses and sandwiches over lunch but occasionally I come home with a real gem....you know, like this guy

which I told Brent was the best, most awesome thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD(!) the other day when he asked 'watcha have in that bag?'. I think he was hoping it was dinner. Ummm...nope. But a very close second.

I picked it up at the antique store near work and plan to jazz up the lampshade a bit with spray paint or ribbon. It's probably not everyone's jam but I'm weirdly obsessed with it and can't wait to fit it into the complete living room re-deco I'm working on. If you want to see what I have planned, you can check it out here.