Taste Of Cali.

I tend to rag a lot on L.A. I always say that it's too dirty and spread out and I could never live there or that I'd rather travel somewhere new since I've been about twelve times (my aunt and uncle live in the Venice area). But when I'm actually there, close to the beach, people running in shorts in January or walking their cute dogs or when I'm eating good food or strolling through Santa Monica with all its hipster shops (like this one-size fits all store I checked out), I actually really think I could see myself living there. I'd find a neighborhood next to the ocean and never venture far away from it.

It's funny how anywhere with weather that resembles summer instantly feels like home to me. Or maybe I just like the vacation version of myself far more than the stressed out one that lives here (which probably has a lot more to do with someone else cleaning the bathroom every day and bringing fresh towels than I'd like to admit).

Here are a few fairly random frames from my weekend in SoCal.

*Friday at The Getty

*Saturday in Santa Monica

*Randy's Donuts - worth it

*Sunday at Venice Beach

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