Grapefruit Salsa.

As temperatures continue to dip and impending snow is all over the forecast, 
I'm remembering exactly why it is that Winter and I have never been fast friends.

I am also remembering just how uninspiring it is to try and cook in January
with nothing even remotely in season in this cold corner of the world 
that I, for some crazy reason, still call home.

Fortunately, for all of us, citrus is in season in some slightly warmer corner. 
And while it's not Wisconsin, I'll indulge myself anyway as it is one of the few 
bright spots among all this black, white and gray.

I let my crock pot do the cooking today. And I must say it did quite well
But it was really the grapefruit salsa that added the texture, flavor and color I was after. 
As well as the Vitamin C I apparently so desperately need, since I am now on week 
two of this cold that is kicking.my.butt.

I love how the acidity of the grapefruit enhances the spiciness of the jalapenos, to the 
point where I even now, hours later, can touch my lips and still feel the heat. 
It's almost enough to make me forget about sub-zero temps outside. Almost.

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  1. well that looks delicious! and i love the photos, especially the first one. total magazine spread.