Long Day.

It is Monday again. I start my work week routine over: wake up at six, work 10.5 hours, go to yoga and then come home. I have ambition to spare tonight (please note that I have no idea where this energy comes from, but when it's there, I harness it).

My choices were laundry or cleaning or muffins. I chose muffins (I think you'd agree that was the right decision) and made an even bigger mess for tomorrow night.

I shop around on Google for the simplest recipe and decide on this one. I'm lazy about measurements, or maybe the ambition is starting to wear off. When I'm half way done, I try to convince Brent to help me but the baseball game is on, so that is a definite no. Yes, my 14 hour day is starting to wear on me.

I fill the muffin tin to the top instead of the hard and fast 3/4 rule so I only have to make one pan. I put them in the oven and wait for the impatient beeeep beeeep of my Jen-Air signaling that they're done. 

Most come out fine but a few are too moist from being over appled. No bother, I eat one for dinner, have a glass of wine and call it a day. Yes, the mess can definitely wait until tomorrow.

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