Friday Inspiration.

Friday is for real the best day of the week, isn't it? I love wrapping everything neatly up at work and having the anticipation of the whole weekend ahead.

Here are a few things that inspired me this week:




*Mini Smash books are prefect for saving travel memories without the whole scrap book time investment slash guilt over not putting in the time to scrap book. They come with a pen/glue stick (how sweet is that?) I can't wait to smash book our trip to South Africa this winter.

*I'm loving geek chic. And stripes, yes stripes. I hope they never go out of style.  

*Cinemagraphs pretty much turned my world upside down this week. For real. I am in awe and amazed.

*Something tells me there's a pie in my future. After all, I have a counter full of apples to use up.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You'll have to tell me about the travel books when I see you tomorrow.

  2. You have a blog!!! I'm so excited to start stalking (ahem, following) it. I also love geek chic -- I own that Madewell striped sweater you posted :)

  3. Sure you like stripes now, wait until you are a little older and a few pounds heavier ... I'm just saying...