Friday Inspiration : Travel

It became very clear to me last night that I haven't traveled anywhere since our honeymoon in June. As I went to pack my carry-on, I was surprised to find a few forgotten remnants of our wedding, including a box with about a thousand bobby pins and two cards, one from my sister and one from Brent (and both made me teary eyed all over).Normally I get antsy at going this long without jet setting off somewhere but I guess I succumed this summer to just being content in Madison. So now I find myself about to hop on a plane and am completely unprepared in the travel department. Granted it's just to Ohio (and just for the weekend) but I have a few more trips coming up in the next few months. These are the things I wish I would have remembered I needed yesterday.
{travel size products}
{carry-on bag}
{good book}

 {luggage tags}
*I completely forgot to stop and get any travel sized anything. That Philosophy face wash from Sephora is my favorite. I also like the site {3floz.com} for a whole slew of TSA approved items. (Don't worry, Brent has promised to stop at Target on the way to the airport for me)
*I really need a more carry-on appropriate tote/laptop bag. Ideally it would be crossbody but I like the simpleness of this Newstand Tote from J.Crew
*I have a nook and am currently reading Blood, Bones and Butter (memoir, very good) but I should have really bought an actual book for take-offs and landings, which are my least favorite part of flying and for which I could really use a good distraction.
*I love these custom luggage tags from etsy vendor Marmaline. I always forget to fill out those little paper ones at the airport and am paranoid about losing my luggage.
Ok, gotta run...I have a plane to catch!
Have a great weekend!

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