Quickie Quinoa Salad.

It took me awhile to fully jump on the quinoa bandwagon. Probably because the bulk aisle at the grocery store intimidates me. (I always end up with too much. Or too little. Or something spilling out the side of the bag - Does this happen to anyone else?) I have, over the last few months though, really grown to appreciate quinoa for it's health benefits and versatility for a quick and easy dinner. And I like to think that I've become somewhat of a bulk aisle veteran in the process.

I attribute this made up 'salad' to coming home late after yoga tonight and wanting to eat something marginally healthy so as not to undo all the hard work I had just put in. Admittedly a salad should probably have something green (arugula or spinach perhaps?) but I had limited ingredients on hand and really, with a good base, you can throw anything in and make it delicious.

I cook my quinoa in chicken broth and love the salty flavor that it adds. I honestly don't know what ratio of broth to grain I use or even how long or at what temperature I cook it at (it changes every time I make it) but there appears to be an entire website devoted to this topic so I'll just direct you there.

All summer I topped my quinoa with whatever roasted veggies I had on hand from the previous weekend's farmer's market. Tonight though, it was lightly caramelized red onions and seared apples for a very fall-like flavor. 

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