Whew....this week has been on of those weeks. You know, the kind. Simply exhausting from too much work and too little sleep (partially because of a certain black dog who absolutely must occupy the dead center of the bed). 

It is becoming glaringly apparent that my good friend summer is headed south for the winter leaving us with sunless and chilly mornings, making it essssspecially hard to get up for work most days. (We won't even get started on how early the sun goes down at night...  Let's just say that my productivity when it gets dark out does not equal much)

Fortunately I had a chance to bust out of my tired, pre-winter funk to do a quick photo shoot with my friend Brittany. She was nice enough to pose for me and even put on a pretend serious face for a few of them. Seriously that girl is always smiling and laughing. It's totally infectious! That shoot and a drink plus some girl talk made my day and had me smiling too. Thanks Britt. xo

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