Tuesday Night Chicken Enchiladas.

I joined Pinterest a few months back and have since been obsessively happily pinning away every outfit, recipe, picture and home idea that suits my fancy. It's my new go-to for when I have to wait around for something, like say at the Social Security office while trying to unsuccessfully change my name (a story for another time).

It started out as just a way to keep track of rooms and remodel ideas that I liked, since I thought it would be easier to see which trends appeared over and over in my pins and then incorporate them into our home design if when we ever remodel. But it has really been my 'I Like To Eat' food board, that has garnered most of my attention (and most of my pins). My mouth waters just looking at all of those beautiful food pictures.

Tonight when I was trying to decide what to cook for dinner, it occurred to me that I could actually make one of the many recipes that I've pinned, instead of just fawning over the pictures. I settled on these enchiladas. They were yummy.

*Seriously watch your eyes when dealing with jalapenos. Trust me.

*Picture of me cooking taken by Brent

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