My Neighborhood.

Last weekend, while at a certain one year old's birthday party, I was talking to a fellow photography friend who suggested going on a 'photo walk' where you take your camera with you and just walk around to see what you can capture. To some extent I already do this. But usually only when there's an event I want to photograph (and apparently often on film).

I liked the idea though and decided to take my camera with me while I walked Wrigley around our neighborhood one evening. Since I haven't been using my 50mm f/1.8 lens as often as I should (and would like to), I thought it would be nice to get re-acquainted. Really, it probably wasn't the most ideal lens for this type of 'shoot' but it was the most inconspicuous for our pedestrian heavy street.

I wasn't expecting to capture anything all that interesting but having a beach, some construction and a few crazy mailboxes down the street actually gave me a few good images. Welcome to my hood.

                                            *Mailbox of the house I want to buy

*I didn't draw this

*My walking companion

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