I scream. You scream.

After my previously semi-failed ice cream attempt earlier this summer, I put my ice cream machine away on the shelf and kind of forgot about it. So shameful (!) considering all the lovely heat we had in July. Since I am now, at least mentally, concerned with finding ways to preserve all the pounds of fruit I keep hoarding buying, and because I haven't yet learned how to can, I figured ice cream was as good a way as any to have fruit around the house in the coming months. Ice cream in the name of nutrition? Why not.

While getting lunch on Tuesday, I saw a sign for 'chin-drippin' peaches and knew that I absolutely had to make something peach flavored. My plans included sorbet and a pie but unfortunately most of them spoiled before the pie came to fruition. Bummer. The sorbet, however, was made the same day and is delightfully refreshing and sweet. With just a teensy bit of sugar (white this time), it really can't be that bad for you and definitely has that biting into a fresh peach flavor, without the drippage of course.

The blueberry on the other hand really is ice cream (recipe from here) and is oh so creamy and delicious. I left the skins on as advised by the comments but used brown sugar instead (regular, not dark- though that would probably work too). I ran out of rock salt while rendering, so it probably didn't churn as much as it otherwise would but no matter, it is still delicious and the most beautiful shade of purple that makes it painfully hard to resist anytime I open the freezer.

Ranier cherries were gone already last week at the market but I'm really hoping that the Bing's are still around so I can experiment with some type of cherry fusion ice cream next week. We shall see.

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