Film : The Farmer's Market

If you know me, and read this blog, then you have probably realized by now that I am going through a food (r)evolution of sorts.

It might seem as though this has come on suddenly in the last few months (marital domestication perhaps??), this complete absorption in all things cooking, baking and food that I have acquired, but I can assure you, that walking down the aisle was not the impetus of this little journey. It has actually been some time in the making and can be attributed, in varying degrees, to a few different factors.

One of them being the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (you can find it here) that a friend gifted me for Christmas last year.

The brief synopsis of the book is that it's a memoir about a family of four that strives to live off of their small farmland in the Appalachians and only eat what they can grow or source locally for one whole year. And I found it fascinating. Particularly by how not insanely hard it seemed and also how well they ate for that year.

I'm sure it sounds like this book could be preachy. And I don't doubt some people would view it that way, but for me it was a decided point in changing the way I consider the things I make, buy and eat. Not that I would never go to the grocery store again but more so that I would rather spend a few extra dollars for something when the money I'm handing over goes directly to the person who raised the tiny seeds to something edible.

Consider it a tip if you will, since I have yet to grow anything successfully myself.

The unfortunate part was that I finished the book in the dead middle of January, months before fresh produce would begin sprouting this far north but I made it a point to stop by the winter farmer's market every few weeks anyway, to buy frozen free-range meat, peanut butter and canned tomatoes and get myself in the habit of considering local food sources whenever possible.

Now that we are in the prime season for vegetables, I try not to take for granted all the food that is readily available that I won't be able to get in a few months, or even sometimes by next week. Sarah and I have been buying so much produce on Saturdays that we have jokingly considered a wagon at times, not that we would ever actually do it. (I'm pretty sure)

Here in Madison there is a farmer's market almost every day of the week...and I have been to nearly all of them. The complete list is here. A great book I recommend if you are as unsure of how to store or use all of the produce as me, can be found here. And if you'd like to borrow Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ...just let me know.    :)

*All photos taken with my Canon Elan IIe on Kodak Portra 400 film

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