Summer Bounty.

It is another Saturday morning in July (there are so many this year, it makes me giddy) and I so desperately want to sleep in. I have been up with the sun all week for work. And the bed is so comfortable. Now that nighttime temperatures have lowered reasonably enough for us to return to our regular room, instead of the air conditioned guest room with the bouncy bed and no TV that we've occupied for the last week. Yes, sleeping in sounds lovely indeed.

But I don't. I get up, pull on wrinkly clothes and a strap a completely unnecessary belt around my waist to make me look somewhat pulled together. I drive downtown with the windows rolled down to wake me up, and it does. 

I meet Sarah at her house and we walk the few blocks to the farmer's market. Getting there early is essential if you want to avoid strollers, wagons and the incorrigible slow walkers. If it's past 9:00, don't even bother. 

I snap photos and fill my tote bag to the brim, three more plastic bags dangling from my arms. I finally have time this week to cook and I plan to use it fully, so I stock up on things familiar and things I've never tried before. Here is my bounty: 

1/4 lb arugula
4 zucchini (two green, two yellow)
2 bunches sweet red onions
6 ears of sweet corn
1 bunch basil
1 pint Door County cherries
1/2 lb sugar snap peas
2 jalapeno peppers
6 purple peppers

Many of the larger vegetables will likely be grilled whole but I'm looking for recipe suggestions for the rest. Please let me know if you have any.

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