Homemade cherry pancakes.

I really can't say why, but I have never been much of a cherry person. I think perhaps because those dark red cherries found often in desserts (and cocktails) are impossibly sweet. And also because I've never been one to work especially hard to extract food from its source (I'm looking at you chicken wings).

When we came across the ones at the farmer's market on Saturday, though, they looked so darn cute in their two-tone jackets sitting in the little carton like in the game Hi-Ho Cherry-O (does anyone remember that??) and really I just wanted to take a picture of them but felt guilty for not at least trying one. 

When I did, I was amazingly surprised by how tangy and sweet they were at the same time (not at all what I expected) and BAM! my love for cherries was born. Yes, twenty something years late. I really wish someone would have shoved them down my throat sooner. 

They were so good in fact, that every time I opened the fridge on Saturday, a few more would find their way into my mouth. They are addicting little friends. So addicting that I rushed out Sunday morning to buy another carton at the local town's farmer's market down the street and decided immediately that I need to make something with them. Thus, cherry pancakes. 

I want you to be especially impressed now, because not only was I using a completely new to me ingredient (that I just discovered I liked yesterday) but also because I'm pretty certain that I've never successfully made a pancake before. I attribute that fact to only having tried store bought mix before and only attempting to make pancakes in a humidity filled, un-air conditioned house, which really makes any type of 'dough' product difficult.

I followed this recipe but replaced white sugar with brown sugar because I like it better. That's a good enough reason, right? You may think it's weird to have chunks of cherries floating around in your pancake, but as someone immensely 'texture' conscious with food, I assure you that it was not weird at all and was in fact, delicious. With butter and syrup on top, they were the perfect tart/sweet/salty breakfast combination.

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