This Wednesday.

I remember thinking last Wednesday as I walked out of work, three days before the wedding, how less eventful this Wednesday would be. And here I am, huddled in the basement with Brent and Wrigley avoiding a tornado, broken bottle of red wine on the floor. I would have preferred uneventful.

If nothing else, it gives me a chance to reflect, remember, write down tiny details about the wedding day that on Sunday morning I was sure I'd never forget and today, am already starting to notice the slight fade of color from them in my mind.

It really was a day full of love. And joy. I noticed it not just in myself, but in Brent, my parents, the tons of friends and family that showed up. I know I will never experience anything like it again. All those people in one room.

Here are some pictures taken over the weekend by myself, my brother, my bridesmaid. Nothing professional or fancy. Just my Canon Rebel and lots of love.

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