Takes Me Back.

How it was that Brent and I ended up with nothing pre-planned last weekend is beyond me. I guess we were just so focused on getting through the weekend before to accept any future invitations. But it was actually quite welcome and wonderful to have nothing set (I slept in until 11 - that never happens!) 

At the last minute on Saturday we were offered tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert up at Lambeau Field and to be honest, I wasn't totally sold on going when Brent first told me. I mean, it *kinda* sounded like a lot of work to shower, drive up there and figure out what to do with the dog. I was in the mood to be laaazy. 

But I sucked it up, showered (and strapped my boots on) and we hit the road. 

Music has been such an integral part of our relationship from the beginning, starting with a mixed cd Brent made me on my 21st birthday (that I still have) and countless others over the last seven years. I remember how proud I was when I finally made him a mixed tape of songs he didn't already know and actually liked. I owe much of my appreciation for live music to him. 

It didn't take me long after meeting him to equate a strong sense of emotion with song. Or maybe I always had it, it just wasn't tied to love. Believe me, I'm not talking EMO stuff. I mean lyrics and chords that hit your soul in a way that knocks something loose and creates in instant memory. Or more so the memory of a feeling. Happy or sad. Or neither. Kind of like how scent hits the emotional part of the brain before the reasoning part and dredges up things you never knew you forgot. Kind of like that but just a little bit different. 

We've made it to far fewer concerts in the last year or so. I guess the dog limits us somewhat, as does getting up at 6 for work. It felt good to be outside, music loud, beer in hand belting out all the words that I didn't even know that I knew. I realize I'm talking about the most contrived of country concerts where the music isn't great and the lyrics often worse. But even that was tied to something personal for me, so I guess it reminds me to make music more of a priority even if it means getting a little less sleep on a school night. 

Now if only I could make it to the Tiffany concert in Madison this weekend. That would really take me back...

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