I'm fresh off of a 9 day honeymoon with Brent and it was fabulous to say the very least. We jaunted around Northern California in a brand new rented Mustang with hardly a thing planned out before we left and it.was.perfect.

We slept in almost every day, drank tons of 1 oz wines, ate at fancy restaurants and burger joints, went to a baseball game and an impromptu concert. We acted like complete tourists at times and tried to act (somewhat) like locals at others.

We decided quickly that the hustle and bustle of San Fran was just a little too much for us after the calm of Sonoma and cut our stay there two days short to head up to my aunt and uncle's cabin in Lake Tahoe, where we proceeded to do nothing all day. We ate, drank and gambled at night. (Brent won, I lost). Made friends with a puppy and tried to avoid bears.

And at the end, we attended my cousin's beautiful outdoor wedding and danced under the stars.

I really couldn't have asked for anything more...except for maybe a few extra days...


  1. Great Pics! Love the one of Brent and the doggy. :)

  2. Thanks Katie! Brent loved that little dog :)