Dinner With Friends.

A couple of weeks ago our good friends welcomed this little guy into the world...

Pretty adorable, huh? 

We're heading out of town soon, so we wanted to spend some time with the little one. And his parents of course. And since I figured their hands were a bit full at the moment, we asked them over to our place for a casual dinner party of four (point five). 

I've been waiting for an excuse to make these empanadas and let me say, they were probably a tad above my limited cooking abilities but I'm glad I put the effort in because they ended up pretty tasty...and I got to use my new food processor (aka my new favorite kitchen appliance) multiple times.

Two fairly expensive trips the grocery store and three hours later, I had them assembled. Impressive, right?

I also homemade cornbread and the cilantro cream sauce to temper the spiciness of the empanadas. And look at all that Crate & Barrel lovliness...

For dessert I made avocado/coconut ice cream, which was...interesting? Kind of refreshing and definitely summery but no one finished theirs, so I probably won't be making it again. I did buy and learn how to use an ice cream machine though, so hopefully I can whip up some other, better tasting flavors this summer.

I'm definitely looking forward to doing more entertaining this summer and trying out some other recipes on friends. Any takers??

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