Grilling Out.

It's been awhile since I cooked a meal that was actually worth talking about. I've been busy. The kind of busy where the house is constantly a mess and the only food we have on hand expires months (or years) from now. So even though I was battling a post bachelorette weekend hangover today, the weather was just too insanely beautiful to not grill out. A friend gave me the Weber Grill 'Way To Grill' cookbook for one of my showers and I already have tons of pages earmarked and ready for the summer months. Personally I prefer to entrust the actual grilling part to Brent or my brother and stick with the recipe making. Oh and the wine drinking. 

 Homemade chimichurri sauce

 Argentinian steak skewers

 Asparagus with vinaigarette and proscuitto

 Arnold Palmers...so refreshing!


  1. This looks soooo good Megan! I'm impressed...I ordered take out last night, ha!

  2. Ha...takeout's good too! I was just feeling ambitious and miraculously had all of the spices/oils on hand, which is usually what stops me from making certain recipes :)